Services & Pricing


Why I’m Different

Most photographers are quite…complicated. At least when it comes to how they’re paid and what you can do with their images. You pay them to take your pictures, but then you’re only allowed to have some of the images (unless you pay them even more). Oh, then you have to pay them again for prints. Then, wait a second, you aren’t even allowed to post them to Facebook?

I am not like most photographers.

If you hire me, you pay me one time. Whether it’s a wedding, engagement, new baby, family shoot, or whatever, I have a standard rate that you pay, and that’s it. I pick the best images from the shoot, edit them, and give them to you. You get all the shots that I decide make the cut. I don’t hold any good ones back, trying to squeak extra money out of you, and I won’t restrict what you can do with them either. If you want to post them to Facebook…do it. If you want to take them to Walmart and print them out…do it. They are pictures of you that you hired me to take, and I don’t believe that I should tell you how to use them.

The only real rules that I have here are that if I have to travel outside of the McKinney, TX area, I’ll need to charge mileage (at the current government mileage rate) to get there. Also, you should know that, as a Christian, I don’t do shots that I deem inappropriate.  Please contact me with questions.


Babies, Families, Engagements, Portraits or Anything Else


These sessions are really fun. I’ll come to you or meet you somewhere special, and we’ll spend an hour or two shooting until everyone’s happy. We might go to a couple locations, you might want to change outfits…whatever…we’ll just do what it takes to capture some shots that you’ll really love.



Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and you want to be sure that you capture each moment in a special way. When you hire me to shoot your wedding, I come prepared to do everything that I have to do in order to make this an incredible experience. I don’t restrict how many hours in the day that I’m going to be there…I’m there until everything is done. I’m there for you. You define how I can fit into your special day.

I require a $200 non-refundable deposit to save the date.  A $900 payment is due by the date of the wedding, and the final $900 payment is due upon product delivery.